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Meet Your Hosts

Meet Branda

Branda is a copywriter and content strategist for female entrepreneurs who want personality-packed, nurture focused copy. She's written copy for over 40 small businesses and entrepreneurs (and I’ve loved every single project).

When Branda's not typing away at the computer, she's listening to audiobooks or binge eating chocolate while I watch Outlander. Branda often plans fictional vacations in her free time (a girl can dream), and occasionally take up a sewing project for funsies. She currently resides in small-town Texas with my husband.

Meet Melanie

Melanie is a launch strategist and online business owner who helps busy CEOs plan their launches, businesses and hire their teams. She's a rare bird who actually LOVES launching and all of the moving pieces that come with it. 

When Melanie's not plotting and planning for her clients, she's ALSO listening to audiobooks, or perhaps hitting up a local brewery or winery with her friends and family. She lives outside of Washington, D.C. in Virginia. 

How they Met ...

We have a LOT in common. We're both ex-teachers (Branda English, Melanie Social Sciences and English) and we both left the classroom permanently in 2022. We also have the same taste in coaches and masterminds, which is how we met back in February 2023. Since then, Branda and Melanie have crossed paths over multiple clients and twice in real life! We became fast friends while bonding over the same struggles and victories in the online business world. 


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