Episode 20: Launch Question Call-In

Episode 20: Launch Question Call-In

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In the episode, Melanie and Branda dive into the nitty-gritty of product launches, tackling burning questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night. From newsletter strategies to crafting irresistible bonuses, they leave no stone unturned. The duo shares differing perspectives on launch strategies, sprinkled with real-world examples and humor. They explore effective copy, evergreen versus live launches, and the controversial topic of soft opt-outs. Whether you’re a launch newbie or seasoned pro, this episode arms you with fresh insights and practical tips to make your next launch a head-turning success.

Topics Discussed

  1. Using bonuses during a launch and psychological impact on buyers. 
  2. Differences between live launches vs. evergreen launches.
  3. Importance of incorporating the audience’s own words and phrases in marketing materials.

Mentioned in the episode:

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Why did my launch flop? What do I write in my welcome sequence? Is my sales page copy effective? How do I track my ROI? Is it time to hire? There are a million questions that run through your mind as an online entrepreneur. As time goes on, things may feel like they’re getting harder instead of easier, and you may even have days where you want to burn it all down. 

Welcome to Chaos to Conversions, a podcast of practical, no-BS strategies to grow your online business. Here, you’ll gain clarity around the next best steps to take to move your business forward…without working 80 hours a week. From email marketing to KPIs, content planning, SEO, mindset, and more, this podcast will be your new business toolkit.

Your hosts, Melanie and Branda, are two entrepreneurs navigating the ups and downs of running a business. Melanie is an online business manager and launch strategist who has helped her clients generate a combined $1 million in revenue. Branda is a copywriter and content strategist who has helped over 50+ small business owners reach their pinch-me goals. They’ve teamed up to bring you actionable tips and strategies, so you can launch your program, make your first hire, tackle all things copywriting, and more.

Tune in each Tuesday to be a part of the honest conversation (and laugh along with them). After listening, follow along on Instagram @duxburydigital and @therelevantcollective.

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