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If you are planning to launch a course or a membership and haven’t conducted market research, tested your offer, or read my earlier blog about the “Pre-Pre Launch Phase”, kindly stop what you are doing and go read it. Now for the pre-launch phase! Trust me, actually taking the extra steps to do the market […]

This is the second installment of a part of a 5-part blog series! To go back and read the first blog, Anatomy of a Course Launch, click here! The other three parts will be linked here as soon as they are released! When I was doing keyword research for this blog post, I discovered that […]

Market Research

I taught history for 12 years (not science) so bear with me while I make a science-y analogy for this blog. When you launch a course, it’s like bringing something to life. Your ideas, your spin, and your methodology for whatever you’re an expert in. And you need a course launch plan. There are a […]

Anatomy of a Course Launch

I’ll start with the bad news. There’s no “one size fits all” for launching an online course. There are multiple ways that you CAN execute course launches … and sometimes you need to weigh all the pros and cons to find out which type is best for your business. And guess what? It’s okay to […]

Online Course Launch Strategy 101

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