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Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Other Listening Apps In this episode, Branda delves into the intricacies of hiring a copywriter, offering insights into the essential considerations when seeking professional writing assistance. From understanding the role of a copywriter to preparing your business for collaboration, Branda navigates through the process with expertise. Additionally, she provides valuable […]

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Other Listening Apps In this episode, Melanie shares three essential tips to overcome overwhelm during product launches. From cultivating the right mindset to staying organized and planning strategic content, Melanie offers practical strategies to navigate the ups and downs of online business. Get ready to learn how to shift your […]

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Other Listening Apps In the episode, hosts Branda and Melanie dive deep into the critical phase of pre-launching strategies for online businesses. They explore the importance of informing, inspiring, and inviting potential customers during this crucial period, offering practical insights and examples to help listeners navigate the complexities of launching […]

Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Other Listening Apps In this episode, Branda discusses essential strategies for maintaining audience engagement between launches in an online business. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing subscribers and providing value during this downtime, rather than solely focusing on sales pitches. Branda breaks down the marketing funnel concept and shares practical […]

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