The Launch Debrief

The Launch Debrief

You’ve done it! You’ve launched your first course , membership or workshop!

If you’ve skipped to the end of the series, make sure you head back to the beginning of the series and check out the posts on market research, the pre-launch phase, and tips for live launching.

The Debrief

Now onto the debrief, which in my opinion, is one of the most important parts of the launch process. Each launch is a learning experience and the debrief is the best way to make sure you maximize your learning!

I’ve encouraged you in the last post all about live launch tips as to what to track each day to maximize your learning! 

When we look at the launch debrief process, it’s important to track the daily statistics as described here, plus look holistically at the launch itself.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself after your launch has come to a close:

1. What went really well in this launch?

Think and reflect back on your launch process. What went really well? How prepared were you? Did the emails work? Did your sales page convert GREAT? Were people super engaged? Did you meet your goal of your launch numbers? Celebrating the wins in your launch is easier said than done, but I encourage you to really take some time and write down the positives and what went really well for you this go around. It’s important to do this the first time you launch … and honestly every time thereafter.

2. What could have gone better in this launch?

The negatives are easier to focus on. Maybe you didn’t have all of your content ready and you were writing your emails every morning in a panic. Maybe your sales page bombed. Perhaps you didn’t meet your goals. Although the negatives are easier to focus on, try and be really specific about what didn’t go so well during this launch and also WHY that might be. Did you procrastinate? Did you DIY the whole thing, so maybe next time you’ll hire a copywriter? Think about how we can improve the next time!

3. How did you FEEL during the launch?

Your own personal happiness is SO important during each launch! Remember, you do not have to do the same launch strategy again and again if it is not serving you. There are different seasons of life where different things will be possible. If you HATED the way you launched this time (maybe it was live with 5 webinars) think about a way to change that in the future, so you can show up more authentically and ultimately better for your audience.

4. Did you notice any fears, blocks, or limiting beliefs during your launch? If yes, what did you do to overcome these?

What was that little voice in your head saying during the entire launch process? Were you secretly repeating “no one even wants this” and you gave up halfway through? See if you can recall limiting beliefs about yourself or your product during this time. Make a plan to work on these in the future! 

5. What was your biggest lesson, takeaway, or “ah-ha” from this debrief? 

After you’ve summarized all of your thoughts, what is your ONE takeaway from this launch? Maybe it’s “I’ll never do THAT many webinars again” or “my audience LOVED the challenge!” either way, see if you can summarize your major takeaway for the time period!

Celebrate Your Wins

I hope that this overview of the launch debrief helps you to look at the big picture of your launch and celebrate your wins!

Feeling overwhelmed by where to start with your live launch? Download my course checklist right here! 

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