The Live Launch

The Live Launch

In order to be fully prepared for a live launch, you really need to nail the pre-launch phase. If you haven’t read my previous post on the pre-launch phase, go back and do it right now! Seriously … I’ll wait.

Okay, now that that’s done, this post will specifically cover tips for the cart open period of your live launch.

Tip #1 – Make sure everything is scheduled in advance for your live launch.

Your emails, your social media … the whole kit, and caboodle. Coming from someone who got double pink eye during their live launch … trust me 😂 you want to schedule as much as possible in advance.

I know some people will fight me on this. Maybe you want to see how your launch is going and tweak your content from there. I hear you… Now hear me out. Live launches can be draining. Especially if you’re riding mostly solo or with one or two contractors. 

I’m a big fan of making tweaks during the cart open period to your content. But, I still strongly believe you should have the “essentials” of the launch emails drafted. Your cart open, two emails in between, and a cart close email drafted and into your email service provider BEFORE cart opens.

Tweaks can be made, but if you don’t have your emails and content 100% scheduled PLEASE carve out some time in your calendar and block it as an appointment to make tweaks during cart open period.

Live launches can be overwhelming and fast-paced. The more you have scheduled, the better.

Tip #2

Tip #2 – Track Your Live Launch Data

Track your data. Every. Day. I can feel you rolling your eyes and saying “Seriously, Melanie? Every day? What do I even have to track?”

In my final post in this series, I’ll be talking about the launch debriefs, which is an overall picture of how the launch went. 

The debrief is so important, but it’s the daily metrics that tell a more specific story.

Here is what I recommend tracking during a live launch:

1. Registration statistics

How many people are viewing your registration page? How many people are opting into your challenge, webinar, or launch catalyst? This will tell you a really important part of the story. Are people interested in what you’re offering? Is your messaging landing? Can any adjustments be made?

A “good” conversion for organic registration (no paid ads) is approximately 30%. So for every 100 views to your registration page, you should have approximately 30 opt-ins. 

Make notes each day – did you send an email? Go live on social media? Post on stories? Have a podcast episode air? 

The coolest part of this is you will be able to see a direct correlation between your efforts and the number of eyeballs you get to your registration page.

2. Live Launch Statistics

Depending on what type of launch you are doing, you will want to track statistics with your live webinar or challenge!

How many people sign up for each webinar or challenge? How many people showed up to each one? Did any times of the webinars seem to have a better show-up rate than others? 

This can help you to determine future launch timing and specifics.

If you’re the kind who looks for numbers, I have another benchmark for you. A “good” live launch for a webinar show-up rate is anywhere from 20-30%.  So for every 100 people who sign up to come to your free training, about 20-30 people will attend live!

If you’re doing a live challenge including a Facebook group – aim for greater than 50% engagement.

3. Daily Sales

How many people are viewing your sales page? How many people purchase each day? Like the registration, note the correlation between your visibility on social media, the emails you’re sending etc. This will help you to determine which tactics worked for this launch and help you to make specific decisions in the future.

A “good” sales conversion is anywhere between 2-5%. This means that for every 100 people who view the sales page, between 2-5 people will purchase.

Tip #3 – Have Fun

Have fun and pick something to do to celebrate after.

People are getting smarter every day with marketing. They can tell when you’re genuine and having fun and when you’re inauthentic. 

Live launching does require (usually) you to show up on some part of social media to show your face and talk about your offer. I realize that is super uncomfortable for some people – myself included.

But think about yourself and your buying habits. Aren’t you way more likely to purchase from brands and people you know and trust? How did they establish that trust? By being visible and continuing to show up. 

And let’s not forget to celebrate your wins! I’ve said it time and time again – each launch is a learning experience. You will learn something from each launch, so prepare to celebrate with something just for YOU after it’s over.

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